I am still doing the early to rise bit, at least until a late night return to Somerset sticks a spoke into the wheels, and it seems to be bearing fruit.  Better still, I seem to be dodging the all-consuming tiredness that I thought would have come as a result.

Another solid eight hour long session on the saxophone project has seen a song that did not even exist just over a fortnight ago turned into a four and a half minute piece complete with string arrangement and lengthy bridge passage in the middle.  The composer in me is quite pleased with the key progression in that section, while the aging rocker merely thinks that it sounds pretty good.

It helps that the young year has been good to me thus far with two commissions confirmed and another two in negotiation, one of which was mentioned for the first time over the weekend, and also some performances lined up for the summer.  To manage to hit these targets I cannot just sit back and wait for deadlines to become too uncomfortably close bear, but I need to get on with things while time is more free.

RetroChic are also picking up gigs here and there, so I need to work on the charts for those songs, and some non-musical matters are also close to being resolved.  I had not realised quite how much mental energy those matters were taking up until I no longer needed to spend quite so much time worrying about them.

So all is as well as can be expected for the time being and the rest is down to me, but the signs are good when the morning coffee is accompanied by thoughts of new pieces yet to come into being, followed by sketches.  After that the process is all about freeing the piece within.