Back in the saddle

It is time to get my head back to the notion of proper work, even if I am not at the grindstone for a few days yet.  Some earlier nights and earlier starts and a little more focus on the jobs at hand should serve me well before the direct plunge into the icy waters of various duties from Friday onwards.

Compositionally, that will mean an attempt to finish the violin and narrator piece this week, and there is some more arranging to do for my saxophonist prior to a full four-hour session on Saturday.  That evening RetroChic will be playing with our new singer, and I will be expected to slot right in without anything in the way of rehearsal – no pressure.

This means that I will be doing London and back and back to London again on Saturday or maybe Friday night and Saturday, a hefty stint in the saddle.  As so often, the details of the final decision about when to do the driving will depend on a number of factors, so no point in worrying about that now.

While this will certainly be a merciless return to work, the freelancer tries both to keep wolf from door and bank manager from unhappiness, so needs must, at least until I catch up with the apparently moving target that is retirement.  The summer break always feels good, though.

So for the next few days, at least until I point the Astra southwards, I shall be gently turning my thoughts to the year ahead, where I would like it to go and what it might bring.  Thankfully there is still time for a little relaxation before all that.