…and out the other side

Even taking into account the initial enthusiasm that tends to make all new projects sound great, I have to admit, tentatively and with some kind of barely suppressed excitement, that the tracks we recorded in RAK Studios last week sound deeply, thrillingly good.  There were moments in the recording process when I just took a fraction of a second out to tell myself that I was in the middle of something potentially quite special, that I should remember the feeling.

I did something similar when I strode out onto the stage of the Hammersmith Apollo with JEBO, deciding that I would enjoy it and take in the experience.  It happens as well in the Classical field (onstage prior to a Carmina at Cadogan Hall springs to mind) and is usually indicative of that state of mind when all eventualities have been foreseen, when confidence in the performance is allowed to come through.

The premiere of Missa Loquebantur Variis Linguis on Sunday morning was another one of those moments, a really delightful experience with the full support of director, choir, church and the extraordinary sponsors who stepped into the funding breach.  To be supported in such a way and to see many who were involved in the performance thrilled and moved by being part of such a thing was a joy, inviting them into our world and our experience as composers.

This week I move on immediately to the next set of pieces, and to work on the book, and with some intent too, for this weekend sees me back in Anghiari, taking rehearsals prior to a concert on Sunday evening, all of which means that the Festival cannot be too far away.  Best to clear the decks now while the chance is still there.

Thankfully I am still getting in some time to relax and to game, and am being a little more harsh about when I lay down my pen and switch off the laptop, because while gaming is a pleasure and a release, being a reviewer also means that I must perforce put aside to play, and yes, that feels as good as it sounds.  So on we go.