Time and space

Only when the calm descends does one realise just how busy things have been. The two main projects of the past couple of years – the album with Joe and the book – have started to fall away a little, and it is only now that I am getting back to the rhythm of life that I had before taking on those two endeavours.

Let’s be clear that both those projects, still ongoing, are things of which I am immensely proud, but they have taken up a great deal of time, also a vast amount of thinking space, and it is possibly inevitable that some of my smaller pleasures began to fall by the way. This blog falling quiet is usually a sure sign that I am too heavily engaged with other things at any particular time, and it has happened just a little too much over the past year.

Well, not so today, for I am in my “office” in Yeovil getting on with the day’s admin, which has already included the submission of one piece for a call for scores and the selection of another to go off tomorrow after a little bit of editing. Other bits and pieces – half a review here, an amendment to the catalogue there – are also going on in the background, but there is a distinct lack of crushing pressure at the moment, and I have to say that it feels refreshing, different too.

Things are liable to pick up again as we head into May, so the trick is to use this time as effectively as possible, for work and for play, and to ensure that when the next patch of packed diary arrives I have managed to clear as much as possible beforehand so that I can see myself through without fretting too much. The plan for the next week or so, therefore, is to tidy up that which needs tidying, maybe even including my office, and then to take everything from there.

In terms of writing, the main task at the moment is going to be the new cantata for which I already have a couple of very small ideas which I suspect can be developed into rather larger ideas, but I think that I also have the time, maybe for the next month or so, to indulge myself in a couple of other projects, maybe another submission or two. After all, the cantata came about precisely as a result of one of those calls for scores, and, as they like to say, you have to be in it to win it.