It was a pleasant surprise to find that that Nunc Dimittis has been selected as one of the works to be performed in the London Festival Of Contemporary Church Music. The event did not take place last year, and I imagine that this year’s has been somewhat scaled back, so I am delighted that my piece is one of the works to be performed.

Along with various other stirrings of work and movement in the diary it really does feel as if we are finally looking at a way out of all this. There may well be some stumbles along the path, but I am much more optimistic about the end of 2021 than I was about 2020.

I was speaking to somebody last night and remarking that I barely have any memory of what my life was like pre-pandemic, not least because for me the three months from the start of 2020 were the beginning of my sabbatical. It is getting close to eighteen months since I was last regularly at work, and I know that my intention in my time off was to work out what the next chapter of my life held, but those plans, like so many, went a little awry.

Still, as of yesterday morning I am fully vaccinated, although I slept badly and can feel that my body is slightly under the weather today, so I am tucked up on the sofa with laptop and phone, blanket amd cat. My first jab had a similar effect but I would rather have this and be prepared for Covid than not.

Oddly, I have been pretty healthy through all of this, an abundance of caution mixed with a near total avoidance of trains, planes and automobiles keeping me away from the usual nasties. If we get to the summer and today is as bad as I have felt through the whole pandemic then I think I shall not have done too badly.