Today I began work on the orchestration of Through The Fair, managing to get about an hour’s work done in between playing for graduations.  The orchestra I’m getting to work with is fairly large – double winds, horns and trumpets, piano, harp, timps and strings – so there’s a real opportunity to go to town a little on the writing.  Having just spent a week and a half in Tuscany with the orchestra concerned and listening to them play and rehearse, I have a fairly good idea of what should work, so I haven’t encountered any problems so far.  The rest is just playing with colours and trying to keep the textures interesting – touch wood there shouldn’t be too many problems.

I’ve also added dynamics and details to the vocal score and given it a first proof-reading.  As I am working on the orchestral parts I am also tidying up small elements of the basic piano part, which will be in the vocal score, so one feeds the other, as it were.  It looks as if the vocal score is very nearly ready as it stands, which means that it will be nicely poised to go straight into rehearsal at the start of September.  Only the dynamics in the accompaniment are lacking, plus some of the finer indications of speed and mood, so this looks to be ahead of schedule.