It’s not all about putting notes on paper, this composing business.  In my limited experience there is an enormous amount of promotion that can be done and, within that, a balance to be sought between being confident and being pushy.  My new non-teaching life will see me spend a significant amount of my time on promoting my works, and part of that has manifested itself in this blog.  This will be more effective and more articulate, I believe, than some 140 character jotting, and will act as a backup to my website, which, I hope, will remain the first port of call for those interested in finding out more about my writing.

Said website has developed over many years from a rather shambolic collection of pages into something much more user friendly, but some aspects of the old site have still remained.  So today I spent a decent chunk of time redesigning various pages, deleting others and creating new ones, with the intention of making the site easier to maintain for me, and more relevant for those coming to it, whether via a programme, a score or anything else.  I have, I hoped, decluttered slightly and, by subdividing my catalogue, made it far easier to read than the seemingly endless list that has been there for the past 5 years or so.

For all the relevance of a blog, a website is an important gateway for an interested party, and I can think of at least two performances which have come simply from people stumbling upon my homepage via a search engine.  It is therefore important to make it quick and easy to navigate, without all the paraphernalia one can find distracting, and I hope to make it ‘live’ at some point within the next couple of weeks.  There won’t be a radical redesign, but there wil have been changes.

No writing today, then.  Sometimes this composing business is a little like – well – a business.