As I write this the rain has – at last – abated. It pounded on the roof yet again last night, keeping me awake after an odd day, filled with unwanted intrusions into a holiday. Still, the warm afterglow of winning a prize managed to see me through, and I got in contact both with the competition organisers and my prospective American publishers (it feels good writing that!). I haven’t heard back as yet, but it is the weekend, and even excited composers need to wait for people to be back at work.

Talking about being back at work, I sat down and did another stint on Through The Fair yesterday, finishing the dynamics and phrasing for the first of the three folk songs. At this rate the full score should be finished by the beginning of next week, at which point my next project (some editing) will arrive in my inbox. I then have until the end of the month to get that finished, and to tidy up the parts for Fair.

That will take me to September, and back to work. Although I have been on a break for a couple of days now, I still don’t feel that I have really switched off. Granted, I have done more writing than for many a week, and am trying to find a suitable rhythm for the next few months, but there are still nagging concerns following me around – a house move, a renovation, a sale, that kind of thing. Also, my current hideaway looks very likely to be gone by this time next year, and I like it so much here that I am trying to hatch a plan to continue to be able to hide if not here than at least nearby in the forthcoming years. With a good following wind it might just be possible.

But for now I need to stay in the present, so it’s time to do another hour on Through The Fair before the rest of the house stirs into life and we go out to tackle some large hill somewhere. I feel as if I’m on the final stretch with this one, and, once the next project is done, I should be able to find something new to get my teeth into. It is good to be able to move from one project to another without a hiatus. I would think it’s almost like being a professional composer…