Another day, another downpour, this time at about 5 in the morning, banging on the roof like a bag of nails being thrown down with vigour, and it’s still raining as I write this. Ah, the English summer. Still, even though it meant a relatively early rise, that at least brought a decent stint of writing with it which, in turn, means that Through The Fair is finished. The piece now needs to ‘simmer’ for a bit, but it’s as complete as makes no difference, with all the parts done and proofed, so, were the rain to drown me later today, some kind but misguided soul would be able to resurrect it at some point.

The next project is yet to arrive in my inbox, and, even so, I think that I should start writing something new. There are hints of various commissions floating around, so maybe it is time to start on one of those and get well ahead. I have one in particular in mind, and it would probably be better for the soul to do some work on that alongside my forthcoming editing, which really isn’t really first-hand composing at all, especially on somebody else’s piece.

I’ve had many kind messages about ‘the competition’, and dug out the piece the other day in order to have a look at it. Not having seen it for a while (if a piece doesn’t win, I tend to pretend it never existed, unless it can be reshaped, Frankenstein-like, into something new) it was interesting to come back to it and behold it with fresh eyes, and, what do you know, it’s not too shabby. There are strong hints of other composers in there at times – composers I admire and would be proud to be compared to – but for once there’s a fluency and vivacity to it which reflects, I think, the amount of work I remember spending on the detail. There was one chord in particular which nagged away at my mind for over a week until I rewrote it, and that kind of attention appears to have paid off. I wish I had that kind of time to spend on every piece – maybe without the teaching I will have that time from now on.

So today is a new week and the beginning of a new compositional project. We’ll see what it shall be, but I suspect it will be another choral work. I’ll need to scout out a text and will write here with developments, of course. Here’s praying for a decent night’s sleep tonight, at least, and maybe some decent weather soon. I think I can see some blue sky in the distance, and, as I write this last sentence, the sun has come out. At last.