Up and at ’em bright and early again today. Just as yesterday morning the sun is out and it is very chilly, too chilly to sit outside, alas. Still, there is the promise of it warming up later, which is something to look forward to. I didn’t blog yesterday for various reasons, mainly because even the most avid of readers (me) gets bored by my inane ramblings. On the other side of the coin, however, there is something new to write about almost every day, which is a good sign.

Since yesterday morning I’ve been editing a piece which the Parliament Choir will be performing in October. It’s not so much a major rebuild as a very slight facelift, essentially taking the vocal parts (currently on two staves) and expanding them into open score (one stave per part), tidying up a few little things on the way. The files have been sent to me in the format of my music processing program (Sibelius), which means that the work is getting done at a decent rate, so decent that I will probably finish it ahead of schedule. My new American publisher has also been in touch, so I have sent them the files they need (also in the ubiquitous Sibelius format).

My progress on the Parliament Choir piece means that I have will have the opportunity to get on with my own writing sooner than expected, and I threw a couple of very short ideas down on paper yesterday for a piece I might write in the next year or so. I’m not sure if I will write it in the end, but the idea is there anyway.

As I awoke this morning, I realised that the end-of-holiday blues I usually suffer quite intensely might never attack with the same vigour again, as I won’t have to go through the indignity of the early rise quite as often as before. As I’ve written here, one of my aims this holiday is to find a rhythm I can work with upon my return to normal life. Granted, looking across a lake first thing in the morning is probably more conducive to work than staring at the wreckage of my back garden, but there are pluses and minuses in each view. At one point Alice Elgar had to move her husband’s desk away from the window, for, so glorious was the view, he was getting no writing done.

I’m going to explore a couple of the views more closely later if the weather holds. So far it looks like being a glorious day. I hope you all have a glorious one as well.