It is the close of day and I’ve done only the slightest bits of writing today, adding a few breath marks to Through The Fair and changing a tenor note to avoid the dreaded consecutive fifths. It can take time and effort to get harmony correct – if you can do that, then you can put in your consecutives if you wish, if they are part of the language of the piece, but otherwise they are usually a symptom of something more seriously awry. The excuse that Mozart wrote fifths (he even had a particular progression named after him) should never be used to explain away sloppy writing.

Most of today was spent recording practice CDs for the Parliament Choir. This involved playing and singing at the same time and took far longer than we had expected, six hours instead of the scheduled three. By the end of it my shoulders were tight and my throat was sore, and heaven only knows what the sopranos will think when they hear my efforts on their CD, but it should help to improve the performance, especially as our rehearsal schedule before the concert is going to be a little disrupted by other matters.

A fairly short blog entry today, then, but yesterday’s epic balances it out. Tomorrow I intend to plough ahead with my new anthem, and my target is to get the basic sketch finished so that I can start filling in detail and working on the orchestration. On Tuesday the schools go back, but, luckily for me, this time around I’m not involved.