I didn’t write a blog on Monday, as it was a day of running around and I failed to find any time to get some writing done. I have been relatively productive of late, however, and did at least spend part of the day writing out an action plan for what I need to achieve in the next couple of months. My prize cheque also arrived from the American Guild of Organists, which was a pleasant surprise, almost as surprising as finding out that the Early Learning Centre up the road had been raided during the recent riots. Odd.

Yesterday I was in the ‘office’ nice and early and continued work on my orchestral piece which is coming together a little like a jigsaw. By my reckoning I have about a minute’s worth of material left to write which can then be developed to fill some other gaps. There will be a lot of hammering away in the next few days to get all the pieces to fit together convincingly, but progress has been good thus far. I also received news that A New Unison Mass, a setting written to the new translation for the Roman Catholic liturgy, has become the staple setting for the 10 o’clock Sunday service at St. George’s Cathedral, my former place of employ.

That’s it for this entry – not too much time for writing of any kind at the moment, it seems.