It was another busy day of ‘real’ work on Wednesday, so, for the second time this week, I failed to get a single note down on paper. It is just as well that I am ahead with the orchestral piece I’m putting together. Most of the day was spent playing (that’s organ and piano rather than games, sadly), thereby buffering my bank account against the next mortgage payment and allowing me to keep this little adventure going. I’m getting contentedly used to this pace of life, and a day like today, when I had to struggle to my place of employ via the rush hour tube, reminded me why I don’t miss the early mornings.

It was not a wasted day compositionally, however, for writing is only part of the equation. I managed to hand out some more of my latest business cards, and the legend ‘Composer’ under my name seems to be having the desired effect. Whereas previously I have listed a few things (‘Composer – Accompanist – Conductor’ was one early attempt), having the single word is a real declaration of intent, and, when I give the card out, lo and behold, people tend to ask about my writing, which is exactly what I want them to do. I have also sent out a few pieces for consideration, and am hopeful of gaining some more performances as a result.

I received an email from Hinshaw in the USA this afternoon, and it really does look as if I am going to have to start referring to them as ‘my publisher’. Having been burned by a certain native publisher after a composition win once before, I am wary of being too optimistic, but emails have been exchanged, files have been sent, and I think they really are going to publish the Festive Voluntary. One of the competition judges said it was ‘outstanding’, by the way, which is good to hear.

From tomorrow I need to knuckle down to a bit of proper work. I have to get a competition entry ready to go by Friday, and I would like to have the first sketch of the orchestral piece done tomorrow, which would leave me a fair chunk of time to orchestrate and do some much needed refining. What today has shown me is that, even when separated from my manuscript, there is more than enough to be getting on with.