After the mini-wobble of the past couple of days today has been much better, thus far, at least. I have spent a good hour this morning working on the basic details of the orchestral piece, although the finer elements will need to wait either until this afternoon or tomorrow, depending on how the rest of the day goes. Most of the work has been spent on making sure that material is consistently used throughout, even though it is constantly changing its appearance as the movement progresses. It was Schoenberg, I think, who said that it doesn’t matter whether a theme is inverted, retrograde, augmented, diminished and so on, because it remain the same thing at its core, in the same way that a dog, viewed from wherever you happen to be, remains the same dog. My piece is a shaggy and unkempt dog at the moment, but at least it isn’t flea-ridden, not obviously so, anyway.

There has also been good news from the church of St. Mary Abbots in Kensington, who have performed pieces of mine in the past, and commissioned a St. Mary Abbots Jubilate a while back. They will be performing not one but two of my works on the 16th October. Si Diligitis Me is a setting of the If Ye Love Me text so well known in the piece by Tallis. It was written a couple of years ago as a personally commissioned memorial, although I think I am within my rights to say on this blog that the fee was never paid. As a result the original dedication has been removed and the piece lives on as a standalone work. That the person concerned is not short of the proverbial bob or two adds insult to financial injury, but that’s why these people are rich, I imagine. First out of the taxi and last to the bar.

The second piece to receive an airing on the 16th will be Pleasure It Is, which is a short introit, a setting of a text by William Cornysh. This was commissioned by Brighton College, and has been performed by them several times, so it is heartening to see it begin to move further afield, as is happening also with Si Diligitis Me. I have some good people on my side, something which applies to writing and other aspects of my musical endeavour, so perhaps I shouldn’t fret quite so much over those who don’t like my output, as I have been doing for the past 48 hours or so. Sometimes I’m not even sure if I like it myself, so I do have some sympathy.

It’s a beautiful day outside and I will head out at some point, but I have built up a head of compositional steam today and don’t want to lose momentum, so I am hoping to put in another decent session of writing this afternoon. Maybe my builder will even turn up at some point…