It is amazing just how long the shadows cast by my neighbours’ behaviour can be. It terms of mood and energy Sunday was nearly a complete write off, although it was very quiet next door – no doubt the inconsiderate reprobates were still sleeping off their Friday night efforts. Their landlord was back in the morning, this time accosted by some good but agitated folk from other houses telling him that his tenants have to go. Between the hellish parties, the police raids, the children jumping on my kitchen roof, the apples thrown at my windows and the eggs thrown at my doors it’s difficult to understand why they are still here, but maybe I’m ridiculously tolerant. Not any more, though.  Out they must go.

With what little energy I had I set to work adding dynamic and expression marks to the orchestral work, and sending off some more pieces to various folks, mainly Sweet Was The Song, as one might suspect. I was prepared to do a long shift of work, but, although it was wrong to say that there was disharmony in my house, there was still an emotional hangover from Friday night. I eventually decided that, it being Sunday, I should take the day off, but I was getting a little bored of writing sempre mf by that stage anyway.

Today is Monday, and, given that it is the 10th, it is the completion day for this latest piece. The morning is clear, so I am intending to put in a good stint of work and put the required markings on the last 50 or so pages. If I have time, I will reset the score into its more or less final state, and then I will have a leisurely two weeks or so in which to proof read and correct it before it needs to go off to its competition. To be honest, I am ready to work on something new.

From tomorrow I set to work on a new piece for the Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir, an anthem for performance in St. John’s, Smith Square next March. I have scribbled down various sketches for this already, so it should not take too long to knit them together. At the moment it follows the same principles as this orchestral work, but in a much more open way. Hopefully it will hit the right balance of challenge and reward, both in its difficulty and musical content.

Onwards, then. While I would not say I feel refreshed, at least I think I can get through today without nodding off at some point. Credit to Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button yesterday morning as well. It wasn’t the greatest race, but both of them made their team mates look very ordinary yet again. It’s hard to argue against Vettel being the man of the season, but JB has driven beautifully all year and deserves to finish second, doing a man’s job when the boys around him are driving into each other. His win in Canada still makes me think ‘how did he do that‘? Perhaps a decent night’s sleep helped.