It was another good day for writing on Tuesday, and I wasn’t told by anybody that I had infringed their copyright, so it was a definite improvement on Monday. Despite not really settling down to a single solid session, I did enough sketching here and there to forge ahead with my new work for harp, currently titleless, so that it is even a little ahead of schedule. It is part of my modus operandi that I like to know roughly how long it will take me to write a piece, so that I don’t miss deadlines on those things that have to be done. I was pretty impressed when I read that Benjamin Britten had the ability to quote almost to the day how long it would take him to write something. When I ran out of puff on the notes I worked on the structure of the piece, and when I had run out of puff on that I went back to the notes. In all it was quite a productive day.

In the evening the Parliament Choir rehearsed Through The Fair in preparation for its first performance next week. This didn’t start well, and felt distinctly uneasy, for it has been some time since we have looked at it, due to concentrating on some other works, but it came into focus fairly quickly, even if, at this stage, we’re singing the words rather than telling the story. Hopefully we will be able to reach the stage where the music comes alive in the very near future.

I was also approached about another commission in the evening, albeit very tentatively. Still, many pieces begin as tentative approaches, so this one, even at this stage, has the possibility to gather momentum and become something concrete. After many, many disappointments over the years I tend to celebrate a new commission only when it becomes real, so, although it is encouraging to be approached, I do not really take it on board until the deal is done.

Today will be fairly busy, which is part of the reason that this entry is relatively brief, although I hope to find time to revisit the orchestral work, at least, and do a little more revision on that. If I have the opportunity I will do some more on the harp piece and think idly about some kind of suitable title.