The harp piece has ground to a halt over the past day or so as my focus has turned towards preparing the orchestral work for its competition. There was more to do here than I had expected, so it looks very much as if that will be my weekend project. Given that the orchestral work is solid rather than spectacular, I wonder if it is worth all the trouble, but, where competitions are concerned, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Yesterday was also disrupted by two visits to the vet, and poor kitty now looks rather sorry for himself. He is missing tufts of hair here and there and looks a little like some cartoon alley cat. He is not seriously ill, as it happens, but has contrived to do himself some damage and it will take a good month before he is back to normal.

What this all meant was that the day was slightly disrupted from start to finish – add in replying to emails and so on, and very little proper writing was done, although I still managed to do more work than I would have done had I still been teaching. Today I need to edit and send off Sweet Was The Song for the BBC Singers, as it is scheduled for recording in the middle of November. It’s astonishing how quickly some things can fall into place, such as this BBC recording, when others can take so long. My first recording on CD, for example, took a decade to go from recording to release. In composition, it seems, one has to be very patient and very persistent and trust that things are moving forwards even when nothing seems to be happening.

Even though it feels as though I have been living this lifestyle for a while, in reality I am still less than two months in and have yet to find my ideal timetable, especially the balance between late evening rehearsals and early rising to compose. My tiredness is in no way comparable to that I had when I was up at 6 and working until 10 day after day, but I still think that my working day could do with some tweaking, especially as it is leaning towards being evening-heavy. I also think that I need to be more specific about the tasks I need to achieve on any given day, rather than lumping them all onto a general ‘To Do’ list.

Taking this idea on board, this weekend is the final push for the orchestral work, and next week will be devoted to the harp piece. I think that seems to be a fair and sensible division of time and labour.