I do apologise for the errors in yesterday’s post – “hear”for “here” and “Brahm’s” for…well, I should know better. Divine retribution (perhaps Johannes from beyond the grave) was swiftly administered in the form of an upturned electrical plug which embedded itself in my right foot in a three-pronged attack. Actually, it was not so much that it attacked me, rather that I stood on it, but it hurt (and hurts) all the same. Much blood was spilled, many nasty words were said, even nastier words were thought. I hope that Silent Night was not subject to similar quality control before I sent it off, but at least we will have some rehearsals in which to tidy that up, if need be.

I took the rehearsal for the Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir in the evening, my last engagement of the year with them, as a personal matter prevents me from playing in the Christmas concert. They have had a good year – as have I with them. Their standard continues to improve and they have given some impressive performances this year. On a personal note they premièred I Hear, And Am Elated in March and then took it on tour to Holland in May, performed Sweet Was The Song at Arundel in August, and will do the same at St. Peter’s, Eaton Square in December. Next year they will première With Thy Might, most likely not at St. John’s, Smith Square, as I had originally thought, but on their tour to Kent in May.

We ran through Sweet Was The Song at the end of the rehearsal, and I have come to like the piece a lot, which is just as well, given how many times I shall hear it next month. The MSFC have really entered into the spirit of it as well, and I am sure that they will perform it beautifully on the 8th. I am only marginally concerned that it is monopolising my list of performances during December, for I have never had as many in a single month before, and I know that at least three different pieces are in that list, four if one includes the arrangement of Silent Night. I will be very surprised if I have this many performances again, although that is my aim, naturally, but I shall certainly go firing at Christmas 2012 with both musical guns blazing.

Today is going to be busy with work, so there is not going to be much writing done. I think I shall use whatever breaks there might be to tidy up another score for my website and prepare my monthly newsletter to be sent in a couple of days time. November is drawing to a close and, as I pay in the last cheques for the month, it seems as though I will have enough to pay the mortgage and various other necessities for at least a little while longer. January looks like being tough, but I think that some work will come in at least, and I plan to go promoting with a vengeance. With the Christmas season over it will be time to send out more general pieces, with an eye to more performances and – the grail! – commissions. In the middle of a recession these may be hard to come by, but I like to imagine that the opportunities are there for those who have the will to hunt them out.

2012 already looks promising – performances of Blackheath Mass, Of All Persons And Estates and the first performance of With Thy Might at the very least. However, it is also time to start working towards getting my name onto cathedral and college music lists up and down the country.