Good things come to those who wait, so they say, but clearly not builders or ovens, even when one has paid a fee so that the latter will turn up within a specific period. At times like these I wonder what my reputation would be like were I simply not to turn up to play for a service, or provide a commissioner with a blank sheet of paper for their performance, but I think I am just raging at the moon, for all the difference it will make. It still annoys me, though, that there are professions where one’s word clearly is not one’s bond, and websites where items may be listed as ‘dispatched’ when they have never left the warehouse or – in one recent case – even been in stock.

Gripes aside, yesterday was an enjoyable day off, although large amounts of it were spent sitting in traffic. I did eventually get my harp piece off to its competition and delineate my plan of attack for the next few weeks, conjuring up ideas in my head for a few pieces at the same time. In the evening I managed to get in a few rounds of Race For The Galaxy, a game whose seemingly murderous learning curve disguises its real ease of play. Honours were even in our house after four games, margins of victory always tight and the winner sometimes a surprise.

Sweet Was The Song will get another outing today, this time sung by the Anton Bruckner Choir at their Christmas concert in London, conducted by Chris Dawe. Chris has often mentioned the possibility of performing something of mine, so I am glad that this has come to fruition. Although the ABC consists of non-pro singers, they produce a great sound, so this will be a good performance, I am sure. I have been spoiled with my performances of late, I must admit.

After much faffing around, I think that I really should put the sketches for what might be a viola concerto aside for a little while I put my efforts into solid commissions. At the moment there are two offerings for Christmas 2012 to be written, and, while the procrastinator in me thinks that I need not get started for a while yet, I know that any confirmed requests should come straight to the top of my list. Both works – one original, one an arrangement – should be relatively short, so I cannot see them taking up too much time on my composing desk, even at this time of year.

My whiplash appears to be subsiding at last, thankfully, to the extent that I am able to forget that I have it for most of the day. It tends to reappear unannounced every now and again, but these moments are becoming fewer and further between.

Beethoven’s birthday today, worth a mention. I have written about him a few times in this blog, enough for even occasional readers to know my opinions about him. What better way of celebrating this musical Titan and fan of the grape than by listening to a piano sonata, maybe, and imbibing something red and fruity? I’ll look forward to that later and leave worries about builders, delivery men and commission timetables far behind me for as long as that music lasts.