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Despite my best intentions I did not make it into London yesterday to see The Artist. Instead, as is pretty much traditional chez O’Neill, the day was one of late to bed and late to rise and much laziness thereafter. Today the cats’ pre-dawn shenanigans have seen me up with the lark and viewing this activity as an investment towards being healthy, wealthy and wise.

If truth be told, there is a fair amount of work to get through today, so an early start is not too much of a bad idea. I will be sending out my monthly email to my mailing list, updating the website a little more, and bringing finances and action plans into line at the start of the new year.

I also need to do some work on the Blackheath Mass, which will be performed at St. Mary Abbots on Sunday morning. I knew that I had to do revise this, but it had slipped my mind that the performance was quite so early in the year, although it has to be a good sign that my music’s first outing of 2012 is arriving this soon. I have a second outing that afternoon, the first appearance of Sweet Was The Song of the new year, at the Epiphany Carols at All Saints, Margaret Street. Both performances should be top notch.

All Saints, Blackheath

I have occasionally listed the Blackheath Mass as the Missa O Quam Gloriosum in the past, as it is based on that fragment of chant associated with All Saints, the church at Blackheath bearing that dedication. I have written a set of Blackheath Responses, however, so I felt it was worth bringing this piece under the same moniker, and am a little wary of the Mass being linked to the feast of All Saints and nothing else, when I would much rather that it made its way into general use.

I am also waiting to hear about permission to use a text, and hope to have some news on this very soon indeed. It has been ten weeks since we applied, so one would like to think that something has been decided somewhere by now. The commissioner of the work has done some chasing recently, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for good news. Having missed the opportunity to have the proposed new work performed before Christmas, we are now aiming for a date in March, so, although things are not hugely pressured, I would like to get to work on this music sooner rather than later.

I feel quite energetic about the tasks in front of me today, despite the fact that the sun is yet to rise. I am not intending to behave like this for the rest of the year, cats permitting, but this is an opportunity to clear the decks and get all that administrative boredom out of the way so that all is clear for the writing I would like to get done. There is certainly space in my diary for this in January. It remains to be seen whether my compositional work will expand to fill the time available.