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I have finally put those three kings away, and sent them packing back to wherever they came from. I spent some time yesterday morning working on joins and other areas, and now consider the first version to be written. Also, I am keen to get on with some of my own music rather than arranging somebody else’s, and feel that I do not need to take them out again until October at the earliest.

This means that I can get on with my two latest pieces, the first for March, the second for December. As I wrote yesterday, I have sketches for both of these and am looking forward to getting them written in fairly short order. Before I can get round to them, however, I need to plough my way through a pile of emails on various different topics, all of which need to be dealt with before I can get on with my scribbling. With a good following wind I should be able to get writing by the end of the afternoon.

I was in the neighbourhood of my favourite cinema yesterday while doing a couple of errands in town and treated myself to a viewing of The Iron Lady. Whatever your view on Baroness T’s politics, this film is an absolute must-see, and if Meryl Streep does not pick up an Oscar for this then something is seriously amiss in the world of critical appraisal. There are some superb performances from the supporting cast as well, and I thought that Anthony Head’s turn as Geoffrey Howe was top-notch, to the extent that it took a while before I realised just who was acting the part. Go see.

I want to get cracking on chasing up some more commissions as soon as possible, and there has been good and almost good news on this front recently. Even the pieces that have not quite come to pass have merely been delayed rather than abandoned, so on these I need to sit tight and wait for things to happen. I am also quite optimistic about things this year and the way my writing might progress, even though I must accept that it might take slightly longer for matters to develop than I, in my impatience, would consider ideal.

How much admin is too much admin?


I have had the benefit of performances and broadcasts over the past couple of months and it is now up to me to take advantage of them as much as possible. As I become more accustomed to the rhythms of the writer’s life I suspect that the quieter times, such as January or August, should be used to sow the seeds for the months further down the line, ensuring that, at the very least, the interest continues in my music and that, at best, the commissions continue to arrive. This means more administration, but the ends will justify the means.