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I am not quite sure what has happened over the weekend, but somehow I have got some wind in my compositional sails, some gust in my gusto. On Saturday afternoon I worked on with the new piece, changing and adding elements to either end while putting together a rough sketch for the central section. There is also quite a decent rise and fall to the work, enough to allay my previous fears that it would be too one-dimensional. The work is very similar to Shew Me Thy Ways in terms of its outlook and structure, but it is has been commissioned for the same purpose and with the same types of performers and listeners in mind. My fears that I am simply repeating myself are, I think, a little misplaced, for I have dug out the score of the older work and seen that, while the similarities are there, the two pieces are some way apart in terms of language.

Of course, the above worries assume that my tiny audience will not only become intimately familiar with both works, but will also take the time to dissect them both and write some damaging critique somewhere. I think it unlikely to happen, and can at least rest secure that no critique will be remotely as damning as mine, no opinion so markedly close to home.

In fact, Saturday was the kind of day I aspire to have more often. A decent chunk of work and writing, time for some gaming, including a mammoth session of Carcassonne with two expansions, which I won, and then a film and a glass of red in the evening. I could quite happily get used to these things called weekends, given half a chance. Heavens, I even managed to clean (most of) the house – no need to go overboard, though.

On Sunday I taught and then met a friend in town, arriving back home late in the afternoon to deal with a few work odds and ends, but little in the way of composition. Carcassonne hit the table twice more, honours even, and I also received an email regarding a new arrangement for one of the choirs with which I am involved. I’ll wait for the details to be confirmed before I go public, but it is more arranging rather than original composition. However, I also received the thumbs up for my arrangement of We Three Kings, which is positive news.

Carcassonne - Power to the meeple!

This week is very quiet for work, yet again, although it is also the beginning of my mailshot antics, so we shall see where that leads, if it leads anywhere. This is an idea I have had for some years, but have never quite had the time to bring all the different strands into place. Now, at last, with the stars aligned, it is time to see whether this madcap plan I have had for so long will finally bear some fruit.

I will be working on with the new anthem today, and am hopeful of having it finished this week, which will allow me to let it sit on the back burner for a while. I’ll then be able to dive straight into this new arrangement and my second commission of the moment, an introit for a carol service at the end of the year.  We are now in that season when the musical machinery grinds back into action after the post-Christmas lull, so maybe I should be optimistic about what the next few weeks may bring, especially if I am at last making myself known to those who wield the commissioning and performing power. Time to go fishing.