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Yesterday was a highly constructive day, and my intention is to maintain the same level of commitment until it hopefully becomes a habit. I continued work on the new choral piece, to the extent that I am now dealing with detail rather than with major ideas, small areas where the writing is not quite as it should be. The overall arc of the work and its basic musical language are decent enough, but there are several places where the lines and chords need to be dovetailed a little, so that the first thought is refined enough to become the best thought.

I also began to send my music out to various people, beginning with those with whom I have had most recent contact, or whom I know from the past. Goodness knows how many submissions these people receive, but it must be in the hundreds each year. I am hopeful that something will come eventually of all this effort, and am looking on this task as akin to the way a first-time novelist would approach and be rejected by innumerable agents. If you do not try, though, you do not get, so it is key not to set one’s expectations too high, but also not to be discouraged if said expectations need to be adjusted downwards.

In the evening I played for a Parliament Choir rehearsal as we continued work on the Mendelssohn Lobgesang for two performances in April.

Mendelssohn - The Lobgesang is impressive stuff

I also picked up a few bits of teaching work along the way and a couple of other smallish tasks which should help to keep the wolf from the door, and would raise my January income from ‘worryingly low’ to ‘halfway decent’. This term will pick up momentum as it goes along, so I am probably being unduly pessimistic, but every little helps at the moment.

My aim is to have this new piece pretty much finished in its first version by the end of today. If I am as committed to my work as I was yesterday then this should be easily attainable, especially as I am past the stage of having to come up with ideas for this piece, and simply doing detail work on what is already written. That would then leave me time this afternoon to get on with my talk on Liebermann’s Piano Quintet, and still allow me to take the evening off. If things go very well, and if I consider the new piece to be finished enough to be put away for a while, I might even begin sketching something new. I have three possibilities to choose from, two of which are confirmed, the third of which has been mentioned only in passing, so I think my next piece will have to come from the former category.  All being well, I will write about it tomorrow.