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I forged on apace yesterday, filling out the accompaniment for the first two verses of Ar Hyd y Nos and adding a couple of other flourishes on the way. There are so many versions of this which hover around the same harmonisations that it is pretty much necessary to come up with something new if one is not to trot out the same old clichés. The opportunities are definitely there, and what I have done is decided to place the second verse into E minor, but using the natural minor scale, which musos refer to as the Aeolian. This works quite well and redefines the melody in an entirely different light. It is a trick I have used before once or twice, but, as long as one approaches the work modally rather than tonally, it can have a decent effect. The danger is of being dragged back into standard major and minor gestures, although there are ways around this.

I completed my notes and presentation for the Liebermann talk on Tuesday, and managed the same for Fidelio on Thursday, sent out some more music to various folks and prepared a few other emails to go out as well. In all, I have worked hard and effectively once more today, and am now going to treat myself to a couple of days of calm, days which will include writing, of course, but not all the organisational faff that comes around it.

I even managed to get most of the paperwork for my tax return into the right place at the right time. Back in April, before my builder ran riot through the house, I knew where everything was, or, to be more precise, in which pile things might be. Unfortunately these piles have moved and often been combined, so, during Tax Session One, I was rather worried and slightly unnerved to find that I had lost almost all of the paperwork I thought I had been storing so carefully.

It's tax return time again

Thankfully, a quick rummage in various boxes did indeed turn up the bits of paper needed to make my figures accurate, so I am breathing more easily this today than I was yesterday afternoon. From here it is simply a question of putting the correct figures into the correct places and then taking a sharp intake of breath when the final bill emerges. I consider myself a wise virgin financially, and tuck a significant percentage of my income away to deal with tax, as the self-employed must, so, although it will hurt to say goodbye to however much it might be, it will not be too detrimental to my day to day living.

I intend to relax a little over the weekend, and maybe even get Ar Hyd y Nos finished, again in its first incarnation. This has been a good week in terms of work done and, as I explained yesterday, I am significantly ahead of where I expected to be. I did feel the onset of creeping slackness yesterday afternoon, though, so the weekend appears to have arrived at exactly the right time.  I launched into my relaxation with gusto, playing a mammoth session of Dominion, and staying up far too late.  Still, it is nice to be off the leash for a day, at least.