Like children who will not leave home, my two latest pieces are still clinging to me, even though they should long have fled the nest. No matter, through, for I will cast them out into the world today without fail and they will have to stand on their own two feet. I am more nervous about Peace, My Heart as it is a memorial commission, and therefore needs to hit the right spot, but I think it hits its mark.

Yesterday was a busy day in which I did not get everything done that I needed to do, so there will have to be some catching up today. I did continue with my commission for December, and also received news that the Missa Sancti Nicolai might be taken on tour to the Baltic countries in 2013. Both items are good news, the former because the work is nearly complete in first sketch and the latter because, if it were to take place, it would take my work further afield and expose it to a new audience. I always take the point of view that it will not happen until it does, but it is encouraging to have the possibility, at least.

My class went well last night, although, as I had suspected, I had far too much material to shoehorn into a 60-minute span, especially when one needs to explain exactly what tonality is before beginning to talk about how it broke down. I love talking about music, especially explaining it to non-musicians, but the language can be terribly intimidating. I did not get home until quite late, by which time the long day and continuous work had made me rather tired, but there was still time for a game of Fresco, which I lost rather badly. One of these days I am going to win a game again.

I was hardly at my desk bright and early today (blame Fresco) but I am ready to get things done. Ar Hyd y Nos and Peace, My Heart need to be gone by close of play, and my new commission should be fully sketched in version one. It would be great to be up to date with emails, programme notes and organ practice as well, for then I could have a relaxing Saturday, treat myself to something approaching half a weekend.

Until some payments come in money is still going to be on the very tight side, although there is light at the end of the tunnel here. At least it stops me wandering into town and buying more things I do not need, for I have plenty of DVDs, books and games here to deal with, also more than enough work to be getting on with.

Shopping - just a happy memory until the money comes in

It is also quite a healthy way to live, as I have stocked up on fruit and lean meat and eating out is, ahem, off the menu for the time being. Well, I say that, but I do have a very friendly local takeaway, it is Friday and I should have some kind of reward if – and only if – I hit today’s targets.