The thing I referred to yesterday which may or may not have been happening this weekend is now not happening. This means that an arrangement which had been on the cards is now off said cards and the compositional road is clear to get on with my latest projects. I had a rejection back from a competition yesterday, which was completely deserved, for the piece was a little rough around the edges, but this means that I would like to get a couple of new entries off as soon as possible to make sure that I still have some irons in the fire. There are two competitions for which I am aiming, only one of which would require a new piece, but I am still hoping to get some decent scribbling done over the coming few days.

In terms of my writing, most of yesterday’s work was spent gathering various materials for a one of these competition entries, for my brain felt too tired around the edges to put notes on paper in my latest project, also because there are things working themselves out at the back of my mind regarding this piece. It is a work for solo violin, and the entry requirements specify two movements, slow and fast. I still have not quite decided how to go about writing this piece, but it is beginning to coalesce.

It looks as though Peace, My Heart will now be premièred in March, which is good news, and He Makes His Messengers Winds is currently tucked away for a short time until I dig it out for a look with fresh eyes and a listen with fresh ears. If all goes well I will also aim to get the orchestration for Ar Hyd y Nos finished at some point this week. There are also a couple of sets of sketches I would like to go back to at some point in the near future, but I would like to do that only after I have a couple more competitions on the go, I think. As my adventure with the American Guild of Organists showed, one never quite knows when lightning is going to strike in these things, and, having spent some years away from them, I am really keen to make sure that I always have one or two being adjudicated at any one time.

There was a small blizzard of emails and phone calls yesterday afternoon, mainly to do with the weather-enforced cancellation of this weekend’s event, but today should be calmer, and, despite a late session of Mr. Jack, I am at my desk more or less on time and planning to work through until the afternoon, so I am optimistic of having much to report tomorrow.  Tonight we should be rehearsing Of All Persons And Estates and Ar Hyd y Nos, so there is plenty going on.