It has been an interesting and a fun weekend in many ways. My brother was in town on Saturday and what was a lunch appointment degenerated into an all afternoon and subsequently all night and early morning chatting and gaming session, with just a dab of Italy coming oh so close to beating England in the mix as well. We did a fair bit of catching up and I managed to lure him into a few games of Hive, Lost Cities and the like, and I snuck in a little dab of composition around everything as well.

Due to the my very very late night Sunday passed by in a bit of a headachy blur and the composition took rather a back seat in favour of drinking large amounts of water and trying to piece my brain back together. Monday is the beginning of a new week, however, so it is time to get back into the office and get the violin piece finished so that it can go into the post as soon as possible, and this is my one and only main task for the day, after which I can concentrate on another submission for later in the week.

At that point I really think that I need go back to working on a couple of pieces I had begun to sketch out late last year, both of them large and both of them orchestral. Three competition entries at any one time is enough to be getting on with, but I need to tread the fine line and make sure that what I write for them does not detract from what I want to be writing for myself. In any case, either of these two larger pieces, when finished, could be fired off as entries at some point.

The few days ahead seem to be nicely balanced in terms of work, with just about enough to see me through but also plenty of time in which to focus on my own personal affairs, and no massively pressing deadlines looming. I’ll need to write some lecture notes and do some organ practice this week, but, again, the time is there for me to be able to do that.

The issue I referred to obliquely last week is ongoing, but I hope to be writing about it in the next couple of days or so once things are resolved. In the meantime I need to hammer the violin piece into some kind of workable order within the next few hours or so, and think of a title too, so we shall see how it goes.