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I played for an opera rehearsal yesterday afternoon, feeling quite groggy by the end of it, the result once more of sitting in a cold church for a prolonged period of time. My journey in had also been nightmarish, the tube disgorging its passengers at Parsons Green (outside, raining) because of a signal failure somewhere up the line, a 45 minute journey eventually taking more than double that.

I am therefore tucked up in bed as I write, feeling better than I did yesterday but still not firing on all cylinders, so I am taking it easy on my body as I have a rehearsal to take again tonight and need to recover as quickly and as effectively as I can. I need to spend the afternoon clearing up Handel’s writing in one of his pieces as well so that we can perform it effectively. It’s obvious that George was writing for the choir he had to hand, without much regard for those of us who would be attempting to perform the same piece down the line, something which has led to one or two headaches, with more to come, I suspect.

I also performed a swift rewrite on He Makes His Messengers Winds. I was just about to send it off when I realised that something was seriously awry. The central section makes use of the rhythm of Morse code for three letters related to the commissioners, but, at the last moment, I realised that I had composed these in the wrong order, so I scuttled back to the drawing board. Thankfully the rhythm did not change too much, but it could have been a little embarrassing. It is a good job that the rearranged letters did not spell anything untoward. In any case, as a friend of mine likes to say, the world has too many TLAs (three letter acronyms).

So it’s Mr. Handel today and maybe one or two more exercises and a little writing, although I will be conserving my energies for the rehearsal this evening. There is also some arranging which has just arrived on the horizon, fees currently being discussed, which would keep me busy for a little and keep food on the table. I sat down with my calculator and worked out my finances for the next while, and it seems that I will be fine once my cash flow clears up. There are still bits and pieces of work coming in, and, come the end of March, I should be back on track to balancing out those accounts which took a nasty hit with the tax bill.

Lastly, JEBO will be playing at the Hammersmith Apollo next month, formerly the Hammy Odeon. It’s only a support slot (as if we could sell any tickets there as a headline band!), but it’s treading in the footsteps of rock legends. It’s exactly the kind of gig we should be doing – amusingly one of my friends had already bought a ticket to see the main band before we were confirmed.  Now there is a gig to look forward to.