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As I write I am seated on a coach on my way to Oxford, preparing myself to give an organ recital. It will be a day quite full of travelling, for I then have to scuttle back into London in order to keep the Parliament Choir shipshape and Bristol fashion at their rehearsal tonight. I’m not really a fan of busy days such as these any more, but I am looking forward to giving my organ chops a workout. I cannot remember the last time I played a recital.

Yesterday was productive in terms of my writing. The parts for Ar Hyd y Nos are done and sent, ahead of schedule, please note, and I also returned to He Makes His Messengers Winds, which has had a bit of a tidy up in the details. I think it is a leaner piece as a result, and the thought occurred to be that it would be handy to have similar amounts of time in which to tidy all my pieces, but I know that my tendency would be simply to leave them to the last minute anyway.

I also fleshed out some sketches for my piece for viola and (maybe) orchestra, and this is coming together fluently. I now have about four minutes of material running without a break, and it all seems to tick along pretty nicely, so I have a good feeling about this piece. The current aim is for it to stand as a single movement for the time being, although I have a suspicion that there might be a second half to come at some stage, also possibly a more lavish orchestration.

Today I need to get cracking on arranging some Parry, for although a deadline in March seems like a long time away, there’s only a little of February left, so I need to get working as soon as possible. The next couple of days will be slightly less busy, thus allowing me time to get things done, and I intend to take this weekend off for reasons which will become apparent when I blog about them.

I also have some new JEBO tracks sitting in my inbox awaiting some provisional keyboard parts, so that is another on my list of things to do next month. I am going to have to bite the whole home recording bullet and get tech savvy on this, for I have arranged string parts from a distance before, but never recorded my keys. It is going to be a skill worth acquiring, for all sorts of reasons.