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Choir rehearsals can be funny things, in both senses. Sometimes the expectation is that they will trip merrily along, but instead they end up being heavy going. The opposite can also be true, that what one expects will be a tricky couple of hours can suddenly take flight. I am reminded of this because we had a pretty decent rehearsal with the Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir yesterday evening, working hard on a couple of movements of Handel’s The King Shall Rejoice, and ending up with something truly alive and energetic. After a vaguely frustrating day it was a real turn for the better at the end, especially as I had expected it to be heavy going.

The rehearsal also meant that I was reunited with my copies of the music for the MSFC concert, which will allow me to get on with the arranging I have had to put aside for the past week. This does mean that work on the viola piece will have to come to a halt for the time being, but deadlines are deadlines and I pride myself on hitting them as often as possible. Once this arranging is done, however, it does seem as though I will be able to push on ahead uninterrupted with the viola work, something I am keen to do.

I am gearing up for the JEBO gigs as well, most importantly the one at the Apollo next week. Looking at some footage of an old gig reminded me just how much has changed in the JEBO camp since we last played support for a concert such as this – different singer, different bassist – but the sound is still the same and the core of the band remains. I am really looking forward to this concert, not just because of the prestige of it, but also because I will be able to get the tube home rather than having to point my faithful Toyota eastwards for three hours or so.

There are a couple of timely offers of work in my inbox as well, which is welcome news, also hopefully a portent of things to come. Maybe the seasonal lull is about to come to an end, in which case it will truly have been a period of feast or famine. After a couple of months of the latter it is good to be looking forward to the possibility of the former.