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The next few days are my chance to get a huge pile of arranging out of the way before the weekend, although, ideally, I will be done on these tasks by tomorrow evening. The list of pieces to rewrite keeps getting longer, but the deadline is still sitting there refusing to move, so I really do need to get on with things today. Having had a busy couple of days of teaching, bringing with them the happy side effect of some earnings to put into my bank account, things are calm until Saturday, the ideal chance to get these tasks out of the way. In all honesty I am not hugely worried about getting things done, more about keeping them under budget, but once the main piece of Parry is finished the other works are more about transcribing and reallocating notes rather than orchestrating from scratch.

The busy day yesterday meant that I did not blog, but it has been a run of teaching and choir practices since the weekend, the former beginning to pick up, which is good to see. There is a world of difference between teaching keen adults and teaching reluctant children. The adults tend to want to be taught at a civilised time as well, and over the past week my little nagging fears about having to go back to school teaching have subsided a little. As long as I can ride out the end of this cash flow blockage I think that I should be fine, as long as I do not let my builder into the house for a while.

After the Parliament Choir rehearsal yesterday I was interviewed for the Telegraph, I think it was, also having my photos taken by a very relaxed and cheery lady. It sounds terribly blasé, but I am approaching the stage where theses interviews are becoming quite regular, but at least this time I think they might write something about the whole JEBO angle. Whenever I have mentioned it before it has been ignored in the finished article, but it is amazing how seriously one’s band can be taken when the Apollo is dropped into conversation.

There are a few admin related things to get done today as well, and the plan is for a really solid day of work, followed by the chance to start digging into the large pile of board games I liberated from the West Country over the weekend. Today will bring that rarest of things – an evening off – and I intend to use it to the full. Top of the list today is Dungeon Petz, from the quite brilliant mind of Vlada Chvatil. I often wish that I could come up with something similar, but each to their own, and I need to focus hard on my chosen field for the next couple of days, for I really have very little wiggle room.

Imps from Dungeon Petz playing Dungeon Lords. Hard to describe just how clever this board art is...