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Peace, My Heart is currently available to listen to on the St. Bride’s website, so if you are interested in hearing some of my scribblings rather than simply reading them, please do pop along and lend it your ears. It should be there for a few days yet, and the recording is pretty decent, background coughs and splutters kept unobtrusively distant in the balance. The address is:


I am still basking in the aftermath of the MSFC concert, giving myself a well-deserved (for once) day off yesterday, and allowing myself a little credit in my much overdrawn sleeping account. Today I need to get back to work sharpish, though, and it is going to be fairly relentless through until Easter at least. There are various concerts which require preparation, some classes to teach, and other bits and pieces, including a new batch of arranging. The most urgent affairs will need to rise to the top of the pile, so I shall be at my computer for the majority of the day and attempting to get slightly ahead on things.

I have been approached for some work later in the year, MDing a private music production, and it is something I am considering, although I am acutely aware that it will mean a significant commitment in terms of time. I have found this term that my writing has fallen away ever so slightly since January as other things have taken over, lecturing and playing specifically, but this has also coincided with a lull in commissions. Organising lectures and overseeing productions does take up significantly more time than turning up and playing for rehearsals, however, so I shall need to be a little careful in picking and choosing what I do further down the year, for I know that , given the chance, I would probably say yes to everything.

If all goes well today, I should be able to get some more notes on paper for the viola piece tomorrow, as I am still waiting for the green light for my next batch of arranging. This next project would be for a huge and rather disparate orchestra of widely differing abilities, and sounds like fun. The performance would also be abroad, which would be helpful in spreading my name a little, I hope.

From the official press releases one would never believe that viewing figures for the Australian Grand Prix were down 75% on last year. However our various broadcasters would prefer to spin it, comparing apples with pears in some cases (the BBC comparing their highlights show figures with last year’s live figures in an effort to massage the damage), this is a desperately poor performance. I know that the Beeb is clinging to the hope that the live races, which will not appear until towards the end of April, will cause an upswing, and that Sky is hoping that people will cough up their ransom, but how many people will have lost the narrative thread of the season by then, or simply given up? The triumph of recent coverage has been to involve the casual viewer, to the extent that races regularly thrashed even that haggard old dog EastEnders in the weekend viewing figures. Now only the hardcore remain, and that is not good for the sport or for the sponsors, and, if we learned anything from last year, it is that money, not wheels, makes F1 go round.