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Holidays for a freelancer only rarely coincide with those of people with proper jobs, but they instead arrive in dribs and drabs, a day here and a day there. One of those ‘coincidental’ days was yesterday, a Bank Holiday during which, of course, it rained resolutely from morn until eve. I did the normal thing of sulking as I went to Homebase, Pets At Home, Halfords and Sainsburys, but at least I had those things out of the way by midday, allowing me to spend the rest of the day getting to grips with a new board game, the excellent Dungeon Lords, and watching the French film Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, which I had heard mentioned on Radio 4 earlier in the day.

Vlaada Chvatil comes up with yet another winner.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday had all been part of the Easter crescendo, of course, a couple of busy days of playing. On Saturday I played for a Vigil service in Clapham, while I was at St Mary Abbots all day on Sunday. There was nothing particularly difficult to play in any of these services, but the normal running order is thrown out of the window at these times of year, so one needs to be alert. The Saturday Vigil was the first Catholic service I can remember playing for with the new translation of the liturgy, which made for a slightly disconnected experience, as if everything is nearly the same, but changed just enough to make things uncertain.

It is back to work today, tutoring, playing and then some more tutoring, and I picked up another enquiry over the weekend for some arranging work, which means that my inbox has the potential to become rather full over the next couple of months. I shall need to get down to things pretty sharpish, as some of those deadlines are not very far away. For the record, I have two sets of arrangements to get done for my contacts in South Korea, one of my own pieces to revise, a possible new commission and, maybe, some more arranging further down the line.

There is a lull this week, however, which does mean that I will be able to get things done, although Cat 1’s tail has not yet recovered to its former bristly glory, so he may need to go to the v-e-t at some point, but I did manage some tidying over the weekend, the result of which is always conducive to work, especially as it seems to clear the mind at the same time. We also had a minor adventure with the washing machine yesterday, as my SO managed to fill it with a concoction of cleaning products which, apparently, are normally combined to make play volcanoes for children. Thankfully there was no mechanical damage done, only the possibility of cats floating away in a sea of bubbles, which, now I come to think of it, is quite tempting. Maybe I need to stock up on Diet Coke and Mentos for when they are next naughty, put the machine on a wash and retire to a safe distance.

Bubble trouble...

The Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir will be rehearsing With Thy Might again tomorrow evening in preparation for their tour to Kent next month, and, of course, I still have performances of Of All Persons And Estates and Ar Hyd Y Nos to look forward to despite the cancellation of the Parliament Choir’s Cardiff concert, and I’ll also be talking nonsense on Radio 4 this Sunday evening. Throw in the arranging and things are looking reasonably healthy, although not yet new-washing-machine healthy.