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It has been a couple of days of mixed compositional fortunes. I am ploughing on with the arrangements for South Korea as long as I haven’t forgotten to bring the USB with the files with me, ahem, and am also involved in the final preparations for the Parliament Choir’s concert tomorrow evening at the Cadogan Hall. Unfortunately, it does appear that Ar Hyd Y Nos has bitten the dust for the time being, due to a change of soloist and the fact that the replacement is not a Welsh speaker. It does, I admit, seem a little unfair to throw them in at the deep end.

What this means, when combined with the loss of the Cardiff concert, is that the number of performances of my music this week has declined from four to one, although that is still substantially better than having no performances, especially when that single performance is in a prime London venue. They do say that if you give somebody £1,000,000 and then take 90% of it away they will be much more unhappy than they would have been had you given them the £100,000 straight away or even done nothing, and I am aware that I should not fall into that trap. In fact, in my life the glass is neither half full nor half empty. Instead it always looks as though somebody needs a top up.

As soon as I post this relatively brief update online I shall be heading to the first orchestral rehearsal for tomorrow’s gig, which should be interesting, for it will see the choir accompanied by some new sounds. Also, they have been on a break for a while, so it is important that we hit the ground running as we do not have large amounts of room for manoeuvre.

It is only a short post today, therefore, and I look forward to writing about the rehearsal in tomorrow’s update.