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Work is ticking along fairly nicely at the moment, and I managed to finish an arrangement of a Donizetti aria in double quick time. The work arrived in my inbox on Sunday night and was on its way back this morning, ahead of deadline and at the lower end of my quote, the way I like to work. This has freed me up to continue tidying some of my older scores, something which needs careful attention as each new arrangement strays progressively further from the original, and it can be difficult to remember which one was the Urtext, Rather like a palimpsest it can be hard to trace what I had originally intended when a piece for full orchestra needed to be arranged for new forces and then rearranged back for full orchestra. I am easily confused.

I am also easily spooked about money, and the process of booking my flight to America this morning has put me in bit of a nervous spin, even though I know that the American Guild of Organists will be contributing to my travel and accommodation expenses. I have never been over the pond before, and am both apprehensive and hugely excited, desperate to make a good impression and return home at the the very least with some interest and a few possible commissions under my belt. This really is a golden opportunity to make myself known to a huge market. As usual, if I expect very little I hope to be pleasantly surprised, but the whole thing does mean that my finances have taken a temporary hit, an investment rather than an expenditure.

Various other chunks of work are spinning around in the air at the moment, none of them confirmed but all of them coalescing and some of them sparking ideas in my head even this early in proceedings. I have thrown myself into all this work since getting back from the MSFC tour and feel invigorated as a result, ready to go. Even a rejection email yesterday from a competition did not put me off my stride.

The next couple of days will give me ample opportunity to catch up and get ahead on things, and I am involved in a weekend choral extravaganza from Friday. The Big Thing at the moment, however, is America. Does anybody have any recommendations for what to do in Nashville?