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The remainder of the Tchaikovsky fairly flew by yesterday, and it was done by the early afternoon. I cannot guarantee that it is without its small slips here and there, but at least time is on our side to sort things out before we need to take the piece into battle. I should mention that I even discovered two small errors in the published score on my travails. At least, if they are not errors then there are some very strange chords in there.

I then spent the remainder of the afternoon working on selecting a text for an instrumental work with narrator, which is currently being assembled under the working title of Why Should We Not Sing?, although this may well change later in the writing process. I am trying to put together a balanced series of extracts which will sit alongside the musical material so that neither has the upper hand over the other. I hope that people more interested in the music will not end up being bored by the words, and vice versa. The nature of this work looks like leading me down an unexplored avenue as far as the manipulation of musical material is concerned, and I am looking forward to those challenges.

A few minutes of my time went on research for my forthcoming jaunt to the US, including a visit to the Hinshaw Music website, the publishers of Festive Voluntary, which, according to their site, looks like being available sometime later this month. If I am very lucky I hope that they might be interested in some more of my works further down the line, Sweet Was The Song especially, but I must not get ahead of myself.

Today the Tchaikovsky parts need to go off to Southbank Sinfonia, and I also need to begin making inroads into the introductions for the Anghiari Festival and the programme notes for the Occam Singers concert next month. I do not intend to finish either of these tasks tomorrow, but hope that I will also be able to get some notes on paper for the choral work, and maybe even begin with some ideas for Why Should We Not Sing? as well. In general I have not been somebody who works on several different pieces at the same time, but maybe I need to start honing that skill so that there is always something ready to have fresh material added to it.  If things go the way I would like them to it will be something I shall need to learn how to do.