I received news this afternoon that Peace, My Heart will be getting its second outing tomorrow, at St. Bride’s, Fleet Street. This puts it in the select category of my works which have gone on to live after their first performance, as the second one tends to be much, much harder to obtain than the first. If nothing else, a repeat performance means that somebody somewhere thinks that the piece is half-decent, which usually leads to that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Clearly it can also lead to a burst of enthusiasm for the task at hand, for I spent a highly productive hour on my latest choral piece this afternoon, really getting the wind in my sails just at the point that my first student of the afternoon arrived. I feel that this piece has now gone over its tipping point to the place where the ideas all begin to slot together, after which, of course, one can start dealing with the detail work. At this rate it will be substantially written even by the weekend, months before its deadline.

What is particularly pleasing about the piece so far is that the musical ideas seem, at least to me, to work well with the text, and that they are coming to mind relatively easily, even unbidden. I have had this feeling already this year (although I cannot remember exactly when) and it normally means that I am writing something of a decent standard.

The rest of the week will be taken up with more introductions for the Anghiari Festival and some programme notes for a concert next month, alongside composition and about an hour’s worth of transcribing which I picked up earlier today. Despite this everything appears to be well balanced at the moment, pretty much on target.  It is a good feeling.