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Thursday had the potential to be frustrating, but eventually turned into a half decent day, during which I managed to fix washing machine, computer and most of Everyone Sang. The stars must have been aligned for my new dentist also turned out to that rarest of things, somebody genuinely cheery in their job, and, rarer still, a German with what seemed like an impish sense of humour, from the remarks about the forthcoming Germany versus Greece football match (he says that Germany have bought the victory but wouldn’t let me know what the scoreline will be) to the Steve McQueen cufflinks from The Great Escape, I found the whole thing rather bizarre.  His turn of phrase was also distinctly quirky as he explained the notion of clockwise to his assistant (“This way goes the clock”).  As luck would have it, my teeth have held up better than could possibly be expected thus far.

Great food, great beer, rich enough to buy small countries. Funny, too.

That is a good thing, for I got them into Everyone Sang in a big way in the afternoon, once I had worked out how to keep my computer from restarting. This piece is fairly flying along at the moment, the organ part slotting together nicely and the various fragments spilling around my head in idle moments. Heavens, I think I might even like it. Today was going to be a day off, but given the state of the weather and the momentum I have built up on this piece I think that I shall spend at least a small stint on it.

Work in progress – Everyone Sang takes shape. Coffee, model’s own.

By the late afternoon yesterday it was time to relax a little and crack open a new boardgame from my mad March buying spree, and, after a few so-so offerings (Aton is tight enough, Assyria is fun and a probable keeper, Arkadia not quite so involving, despite a nice design) we hit upon a winner and polished off four straight games, although it did take us until round three to get the rules correct. Said game is Pantheon, and, while the setup is a little fiddly and involved, the game plays simply, swiftly but with surprising depth, and has thrown out some very close finishes. It is by the designer of Stone Age, mentioned here before, and probably around the same level of complexity. It is early days, but looks like being a regular visitor to the table.

Pantheon – any game with a character named “Stonkus” gets my vote.

Despite the attempts of trams, technology and the weather, my writing and indeed my general life appear to be ticking along nicely. It is coming up to a year since I turned my back on the daily grind of teaching, and I would have to say that things are all well. On a day like yesterday, when whatever is thrown at me simply falls away like water off an English cricketer’s back, I wonder where things will be at this stage next year. Security as a freelancer can be a precarious thing, but I think I am working hard enough to outdodge most troubles.

Summer’s here at last – nearly time for Wimbledon!