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I received a shock when I checked the weather in Nashville. I thought that the website had malfunctioned, but no, it really is 42 Celsius in the middle of the day and 27 at four in the morning. They are in the grip of a record breaking heatwave, and it looks set to continue through my brief stay over there as well. I had imagined that it would be moderate summer heat, but it looks as though it is set to be the proverbial scorcher. One does hear tell that they are partial to the air conditioning over there, but I’m still going to have to venture onto the street at some point.

Heat aside, I am starting to get excited about the visit. The first performance of the Festive Voluntary is confirmed for the 4th, during (during, you’ll note) the annual meeting of the American Guild of Organists, and I’ll be staying around for a little while to savour the local flavours and, with a bit of luck, shake some hands and give out some business cards.

On the 2nd Ar Hyd y Nos will get its delayed first outing, in Westminster Hall. This could be in interesting day, as there are many different performers involved doing all sorts of different things (we are on after the Haka, for example), but it is another opportunity to have my music performed in rather swish surroundings.

Everyone Sang is as close to finished as makes pretty much no difference, although I spent Thursday copying and uploading my organ pieces, as this seemed to make sense ahead of my Stateside jaunt. This took out most of the afternoon, but is an investment worth making. I am not quite sure where the file for Trauermusik has got to along the way, though, so I might have to copy this one out from scratch, but at least I am pretty handy with the old Sibelius these days.

Today is the day to put Everyone Sang into the “nearly complete” folder for a few weeks, so that I can come back to it with a clear head and tidy what needs to be done. Once that is tucked away I’ll begin sketching ideas for the next pieces. Maybe I should also run up and down a few times in those brief periods when the sun is out in order to get acclimatised to the Nashville heat.