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It seems only fair to say that Italy were completely outclassed in yesterday’s Euro 2012 final, but I do not think that the Azzurri can have many complaints. The better team won, emphatically so, and Italy overachieved. To be honest, football and footballers do not do much for me, and I have been enjoying the tennis on the radio instead, all the more so since play seems to continue until very late into the evening. One year I really must make an effort and go to watch some in the flesh.

As happens with organists, the weekend was spent running around, and when I was at home I was attempting to fix my prehistoric desktop computer, running through a variety of options until finally the removal of some errant RAM appeared to fix the problem. I resent having to spend so much time fixing things that should be the matter of minutes at most, but not as much as I resent buying something new to replace an item which I believe should still work.

It irks me even more to have to get close to my computer’s innards when I realise that the time spent in there is time I could be using to hone pieces and get ideas onto paper. There might come a day when I will have to do cost/benefit analysis of the whole thing, but I suspect that even then my desire to make, do and mend will still be strong. I have a nice fresh install on there now anyway.

Today brought the first performance of Ay Hyd y Nos in Westminster Hall as part of the Commonwealth Carnival, introduced by Huw Edwards, another first performance to add to the list, even if this piece is now attached to the final section of Mairi’s Wedding. We were on after the Haka, which made for an interesting juxtaposition of vocal techniques.

The real meat of this week will be the AGO Convention, which is already under way on the other side of the ocean. My big day will be Wednesday, when I shall be presented to the members and hear the first performance of the Festive Voluntary, after which I will be able to sit down and learn it myself. I would like to trot it out after as many Sunday mornings as possible, although it has struck me that it might be better to ‘offer’ the British première to an organist with a higher profile, which would spread the word further and more effectively.

I genuinely have no idea whether I shall be bouncing around Nashville like a wheel nut in a McLaren pitstop, or going from hand to hand, shaking them along the way before depositing a business card. I keep telling myself to expect nothing but to aim for everything, and there are certain things I would definitely like to achieve while I am out there. I would be disappointed to return tired only from the jet lag, let’s say. One of my distant relatives a few generations back disappeared into the ether shortly after arriving in New York, fleeing some kind of trouble back home, and I certainly aim to do better than that.

At the weekend the Occam Singers will be performing two of my arrangements, and St. George’s will also be trotting out one of my Mass settings in the morning. All in all it promises to be a good week, even though there is a significant feeling of heading into the unknown.