The situation alluded to in my last post appears to have resolved itself, more than six months of inaction resolved within the space of a few of hours thanks to a significant warning shot across the bows of the offending organisation. Only very rarely do I have to resort to such broadsides, the vast majority of my dealings resolving themselves cordially and efficiently and relatively promptly, but once or twice in my career I have had to put pleasant dealings aside and lose a little patience. In general, though, much of the work I do is based on trust and what business people might term return custom, so I have little hesitation in weeding out the untrustworthy and, in this most recent case, the shambolic.

Enough. I have set myself the target of finishing my latest piece by the end of this week as it has been dragging on for a while and I need to get it done in order to crack on with one or two other projects. It did not help that this work lost and then regained an organ part, but, with bursts of writing done here and there, it is on target to be complete by the weekend, which will also enable me to put it aside for a while and let it simmer, something I find essential as long as I have the time in hand to allow myself to do it.

Other than the writing and small bits of playing – a wedding here, a service there – I am entering the calm of August and, aside from catching up on various domestic chores which I have avoided for many weeks under the cover-all excuse of “being too busy”, things are ticking along in a relatively relaxed and civilised fashion. I have spent a little time digesting the contents of various websites devoted to composition and thus have a few competitions in my sights for later in the year, and I am also using this month to sit down and work out a coherent and achievable plan for the next twelve months.

I feel as though the summer is already over, and the weather would certainly have me believe as much, but there is really a fair amount of time before hostilities recommence, and, although I would like to get as much done as possible, I am trying to spend quiet moments reminding myself that relaxing is also important. Probably that kind of ideal balance is my number one priority for the next step.