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It is back to proper work today, setting off on the second year of my compositional adventure. A break has done its job when one feels ready once more to tackle the road ahead, and I am definitely in that frame of mind, although it helps to have a day off tomorrow.

I returned from France yesterday after a successful Mozart Requiem on Sunday, organised with abundant precision and cordiality by Ross and Ginny Jenkins, and directed superbly by Mark Opstad. The quality of the choir, which forms only the day before the concert, gets better year on year, and this performance was sold out long in advance, the audience safely over the hundred mark, I am sure.

My resolutions for the coming year are to write more and email less, the time saved on the latter being devoted to the former. It is oh so easy to sit and browse the big bad interweb, but I am going to make a real effort to be as clinically efficient as possible and rethink a few balances. I also need to trim some of the excess inches away after a brief period of relaxation (and some superb French cheeses), but a little effort here will no doubt reap the required rewards.

Now that I have got through the first year as a jobbing composer unscathed I feel that the change has been properly done, and that I will be facing most things for at least the second time henceforth, and more attuned to the rhythms of the freelance existence.

But what of writing? The latest competition entry is pretty much complete, an interesting piece in a couple of ways, and I sketched out the basic skeleton for a new anthem on the flight from Toulouse yesterday morning, this latter work scheduled for a first performance in November. I am ahead of the curve on pieces at the moment, which means that I should be able to return to the work for narrator and instrumental ensemble within the next couple of days or so. There is also a second competition entry complete and ready to go off eventually, so I should be back into the swing of things fairly quickly.

Add to the writing a number of performances before this year is out and several confirmed already for 2013 and there is reason to be optimistic about the twelve months ahead.  I wonder what it will bring.