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I wrote yesterday about my optimism for the immediate future, but did not suspect that so much was to occur within the next twenty four hours. Let us just say that it was a hugely encouraging day.

I got back into the swing of things in the morning by playing for a service in town, grabbing some time on the tube to add further details to Madrigal, my latest competition entry, and doing likewise in the afternoon as I had some time to kill. In the evening the Parliament Choir reconvened after the summer break to do some more work on Brahms’s German Requiem, and we had some visitors from the Royal Mail Choir, running through various bits of music with them, one of which was Sweet Was The Song.

Although we only had time to run this through the once, it really did sound as if the Parliamentarians knew it, by which I mean that it is now a work which has been sung in and can be performed on relatively little notice. Given that the piece was written for them in the first place, this seems right and proper, and I am glad it is now “theirs”.  It has already aroused some interest from one or two of the singers.

I also received confirmation that Everyone Sang will receive its first performance at St. Bride’s, Fleet Street on the 23rd September, but also that it is likely to be featured again in February next year. I often tell people that the second performance is the tricky one, so to have this piece lined up for a repeat before it has even been heard is something of a treat. It also helps that I think it is a moderately decent collection of notes.

Best of all, though, was an email I received about a possible commission. I managed to squeeze in some time with the prospective commissioner yesterday, and it is clear that this work, whatever it may turn out to be, could tick all the boxes, representing a definite next step forward both in what I am being asked to write and how my compositional career should develop. Put this piece alongside a couple of other recent ones and it is clear that I am moving in what I consider to be the right direction.

For a first day back it has been pretty satisfying, and I can feel the compositional cogs whirring in my brain. For now, though, I need to finish Madrigal, do some more work on the new anthem The Lord is my Light and then head back to Why Should We Not Sing? I really am being kept busy.