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Last week was slow in terms of getting notes onto paper, so I shall have to pick up the pace somewhat in the coming days. It is not that I was being lazy, rather that I needed to get some other things written instead, programme notes, lecture notes and so on, but I was productive all the same and, as a result, am ready to get back to some scribbling. This scribbling will be on Why Should We Not Sing?, putting the sketches together and beginning to orchestrate them. At the latest this piece should be ready by the end of the month, and I also need to fire off yet another competition entry and send off The Lord Is My Light, so there is plenty to be done.


Once this little batch of composition is done there is yet more to come, a work for soprano and instrumental ensemble taking top priority while I wait for a few other things to come into focus. I hope that something more might come of yesterdays performances as well, and I need to send out some scores to follow up that momentum.


Reflecting upon yesterday’s première, I think I am pretty happy with my writing in Everyone Sang, and am certainly delighted with the way it was brought into the world, looking forward to hearing the recording too. Perhaps something will come of it as well, who knows? The next piece to hit the ground will be The Lord Is My Light, early in November, and then there will be He Makes His Messengers Winds in December, a healthy dose of first performances.


After a few days away from composition, dealing with the academic side of things, I should hopefully cme back to my writing refreshed this week and get enough done to be able to line up yet more first performances into next year.