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More press for yours truly recently, or at least I think so. I have been mentioned in Highnotes, which is the magazine of Making Music, an organisation which supports voluntary music across the country.

I say that I think I have had some more press, because Of All Persons And Estates, which I think is mine, was credited to “Simon O’Neill”. The interview concerned was with a gentleman who works regularly both with me and with Simon Over, so I can only assume that somebody somewhere got confused and decided to merge us into one. In a way this is amusing, but in another way it is a little disheartening, for I need all the googling I can get, and I am probably not going to show up under somebody else’s name. Oh well. I have emailed the editor, so maybe he will heed my call and inform his good readers of my proper moniker.

I keep beavering away in my attic, sending pieces out under my real name, and have picked up some performances in Italy for Sweet Was The Song as a result, hopefully with more outings for some other pieces to come as well. The past few days have mainly been organisational, but with the result that there are little bits of O’Neill, Nick, not Simon, being performed here and there in the run up to Christmas and beyond. I keep running a little ahead of work, but still not quite far enough ahead to get down to a decent stint of writing. This weekend will be busy, including a JEBO gig near Wiltshire, but I will be travelling with laptop, the better to tap out notes as I go along.