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As always, other people have said things far better and more eloquently than I. Here’s a post which reworks my thoughts from last time into a coherent argument, rather than the stream of consciousness ramblings of a writer with too much time on his hands. I have to say, though, that I had more response from the opera/football post than for pretty much anything else I have written, all of it coming down firmly on the opera side of the fence, with even a voice demanding equal rights for croquet. Maybe we should add that to the list as well. I’d be all for it.

Here chez O’Neill I have been busy researching the shadowy figure of Jan Dismas Zelenka for a lecture on Monday, a figure so obscure that he fails even to appear in some dictionaries of music. He is an intriguing person, though, probably not politically adept in difficult times, but a composer of startling and sometimes baffling vision, and a friend of Bach, no less. More needs to be done to bring his music back to life, and I am an emphatic convert.

Tuesday’s lunchtime recital went well, although the otherworldly playout of Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen was rather ruined by a loud crash when a certain gentleman tried to make off with the collection plate and was stopped by a warden. Those Mahler songs, or, to be more precise, that Mahler song continues to haunt me, especially the chord on “Ruh”.

The lecture notes are getting in the way of the writing again, although an understanding of the musical world is never an impediment. I have a busy weekend ahead and still need to knuckle down and get to orchestrating Why Should We Not Sing? I am hoping that today’s the day.