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It is going to be a busy start to the week, the continuation of a couple of hectic days over the weekend which saw me running hither and thither across London, although I did manage to sneak in a game of Tigris & Euphrates on Saturday evening, another loss. But for a failed internal conflict I reckon the win could have been mine, something which will make no sense to most readers of this blog, but which has weighed on my mind since then.

I also slept badly on Saturday night, Tigris-related malaises added to by the switch away from BST. For those of us who work on Sunday mornings this can be a little stressful, especially in the days when some but by no means all devices update their times automatically. Unfortunately, barring a degree in astrophysics or something similar, it is hard to guess which devices will update and which will not. Still, I had my trusty wristwatch to hand, although not so trusty that it did not stop in the middle of the night, leaving me cast adrift as far as time zones were concerned.

Still, it all turned out nicely, and I was where I needed to be on Sunday when I needed to be there. No performances of my own scribblings this weekend, but a couple of discussions about my music and the promise of a first performance next weekend instead. I am also on the home straight as far as Why Should We Not Sing? goes, and have the manuscript with me on today’s travels. I doubt that I shall have the time to scribble anything down before tomorrow, but one never knows.