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As I write I am sitting in one of my favourite hidey holes in Wimbledon, scanning the web for anything of interest, passing the time. Since the clocks changed I have taken advantage of my body’s slow lack of response to the extra hour in bed, and leapt from my slumbers at an early hour, the better to get work done before the day is in full swing. Thus far it appears to have gone pretty well, although I do tend to experience a rather drastic slump in the middle of the afternoon.

Once again the early part of the week has been given over to the writing of lecture notes rather than music, and this morning I played for a funeral whose organisation left a little to be desired, as I only received a message telling me what I was meant to be playing as I exited from the tube. Thankfully there was something akin to a Big Book Of Bach nearby, but it was rather old, meaning that I had to lean on my sketchy knowledge of the alto and tenor clefs, knowledge acquired a long time ago but not often used since then.

There will be more of a chance to get things done tomorrow, and I hope that it will be the last day I will need to spend on Why Should We Not Sing?, for I intend to retreat to my garret until the work is done and the music transferred to computer. It is about time I got down to writing something new, and, even though I need to tidy one or two more pieces imminently for competitions, there is something exciting to get done for December.  The sooner I begin that, the happier I shall be.

This weekend will bring the first performance of The Lord Is My Light in Southwark Cathedral, on Sunday afternoon. Regrettably I shall be engaged elsewhere trying to get my fingers around Duruflé’s Requiem although it is only the missing of my own piece I regret, not the playing of Duruflé’s. Then it is the run towards Christmas, which should bring some new descants and arrangements for the Parliament Choir, as well as He Makes His Messengers Winds. It should be a busy couple of months, so I am keen to keep up my early to bed early to rise mentality as long as I can. At present it is proving to be pretty productive, afternoon slumps notwithstanding.