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I write this on Sunday afternoon, and it has been one of those days where my music gets an airing in more than one place. All being well the choir of Boxgrove Priory performed Sweet Was The Song this morning, but illness scuppered the planned performance of A Sad Carol For These Distracted Tymes at St. Mary Abbots. Trying to perform a four-voice unaccompanied work with three singers is never really going to work, so it went back into the cupboard and was replaced with something else, the choirmaster in me taking the pragmatic decision to put safety above self-interest.

Thankfully the same concerns led me to replace the (many-voiced) Responses by William Smith with the (three-voiced) Bath Responses by yours truly, safety and self-interest happily conjoined in this instance. I knew that they would come in handy some day, and today was that day. Thus I notched up two performances, despite the best efforts of one singer’s virus.

While waiting for this afternoon’s Carol Service I have also taken the opportunity to rescore and reset Why Should We Not Sing? After much procrastination, mainly caused by the fear that the rewrite would prove to be substantial, the entire task has been finished in relatively quick time, and the leaner instrumentation has led, I think, to more interesting sounds. I now have a little time to get the parts ready, which, in any case, should not take too long, and then we are ready to go.

As the year draws to a close this is likely to be my last entry for 2012, and it has been a good year, I think. The highs would have to include the various broadcasts, the trip to America and many, many superb performances of my work. The low is easy to pinpoint – 17th April, when a dreadful rehearsal of Of All Persons And Estates tipped me into that kind of self-doubt and despair which is now happily but an infrequent occurrence. As always, one needs to learn from experience, whether good or bad.

Time to forge on, then, and thank you, gentle reader, for following my ramblings this year, whether as a subscriber or as a casual visitor. May 2013 bring you peace and prosperity.