Just after I had posted my last entry of 2012 I received an email with the sad news that a good colleague had died just before Christmas. This person was somebody who had worked closely with JEBO, my band, from 2004, and had done many, many good things for us for free, like so many kind people. It is often said of people that they “do it for the music”, but it is something different when people do it for your music, something at once thrilling and humbling. Peter was a kind and absurdly generous man and he will be much missed.

It made for a slightly sombre end to the year, and I am afraid to say that I was not really in the mood for partying, so a planned trip to the West was called off in order to put my thoughts in order and have a quiet one instead with only my very nearest and dearest for company. I always find the turn of the year to be a time of quiet reflection, and, this time around, that has very much been the case, although the board games came out with a vengeance as 2012 drew to a close.

It is time to look forwards and think about what 2013 might have in store for me. Among my varied and tangled resolutions is the idea that I should do more writing, although this will come to pass in any case if I keep working hard at my composition and hook in some commissions. I will not have long to wait for my first performance of the year, nor for my first première, and I also have pieces to write, so the year already looks healthy.

Other than that, there is not much to write about this early in the calendar, apart from to wish everybody the very best for 2013.

Rob and Peter share a joke.

Rob and Peter.  Happy days.