It has been a fairly quiet few days since I last wrote, at least as far as the writing is concerned.  I have continued a little arrangement for Easter in the occasional spare moment, carried on with the proposal for this nebulous large work, and dropped a few emails into a few inboxes in an attempt to tidy up details about another piece.

I was also away for a couple of days and then involved in the weekend’s music making, so there has not really been the chance to get as much done as I would like, although that is set to change over the next few days.  I am keen to get this latest arrangement (short and straightforward) out of the way and shift my energies to The Serried Firmament (longer and more involving), and hope that a spare hour this afternoon will see me on my way.  Expect a wonky version of This Joyful Eastertide to appear near you before too long…