I finished my arrangement of This Joyful Eastertide yesterday, the result of a remark made to me last year by a singer who suggested that I scribble out a version but with five beats in a bar rather than the traditional four.  As this was more of a friendly effort than a commission I am happy to make it available for download immediately, also because, should I keep it under wraps until Easter, it will be another year before others can perform it.  If you would like a copy it is here, and, as with so much of my music, is free to copy and distribute as long as you do not make a profit from it.  It is meant to be accessible and sufficiently different from the Wood arrangement, so it does not go out on too much of a limb and is hopefully within the reach of most fairly confident choirs.

Next up is The Serried Firmament, especially as I have now made contact once more with the commissioner and am closing in on a definitive text.  A couple of decent stints over the next two days should get much of the groundwork done on this, so I hope that it will already have enough substance by the weekend to see it safely into next week.

As for other things, I am making yet another attempt to be more efficient in my writing, my efforts to secure some kind of regular timetable constantly disrupted by the lack of the same daily outline.  We shall see how Friday and Saturday go, but I hope that my next update might contain positive news on this front.