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Yesterday was a productive and relaxing day, the first of the latest new regime, and one during which I not only got hefty amounts of writing done, but also had enough time to be busy around the house, crack open a new board game and settle down with a glass of white in front of a DVD.

After writing yesterday’s blog entry I went hunting once again for some texts for The Serried Multitude (I may have given it various titles thus far) and excised my first choice, a couple of lines from Shakespeare, in favour of a passage by Rabindranath Tagore.  I have set his lines before, in Peace, My Heart, and that text, like this new one, emerged from an abandoned proposal for a large choral work.  I remembered yesterday that I had put the entire text for that abortive work together, as well as writing a complete movement, so it made sense to see what was there.  As it happened, a little editing means that it might fit very well into the scheme of things and, although I still await approval from the commissioner, I set sail on the piece yesterday, casting out my nets to see what I might catch.

I also sent out This Joyful Eastertide to a few people and it looks as if it has already made it onto some music lists for Easter, which is very good news indeed.  If you know of anybody who might like it, please do point them towards it.

In addition to all this and various administrative tasks I continued working on a setting of a Christmas text which I hope will be of use later on this year.  In a sense I am gambling on being asked to provide a piece for a specific concert, at which point I intend to produce this new offering for a first performance.

An entire morning’s work also allowed me to continue the pilgrimage through my CD collection, already significantly behind schedule and still joyously adrift in the music of Bach, more specifically the wondrous playing of Angela Hewitt.  I have her and Glenn Gould’s Goldberg Variations to come as well (Gould’s second recording), hopefully before the beginning of next week, so I hope to be lighter than air come Monday, especially with the Brandenburg Concerti to listen to in between.