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Being the kind of fellow who likes to do things myself I have spent the morning working on the promotional side of my composing.  For some time now visitors to my website have heard a rendition of Est Secretum, but this is a rather narrow sample of my work, so I have bitten the bullet over the past couple of days, dug deep into HTML, XML, Audacity, CDex and goodness knows what else and placed an mp3 player on my homepage with choice samples of various pieces.  Rather nicely, this means that people can have a listen to a selection of works and decide either that it is rather fetching or that it is horrible and nasty modern stuff, or both, even.

As this morning’s work draws to a close, therefore, I am feeling quite content with what I have done, even if the number of notes put on paper has been zero.  A composer, though, needs to be heard first and foremost, so this is a task which needed to be tackled and now that the difficult work is done, I shall add some more files soon and it should be easy to keep updated.  Please give it a try.

I have been jotting notes for The Serried Multitude over the past couple of days, refining and fighting with harmonies, and I also fired off a proposal for a major work a couple of years down the line – initial reaction has been positive, but funding, as always, will make or break it.

This evening the Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir begin rehearsing I Hear, And Am Elated in preparation for a concert in March.  The details for the concert have been taken off my homepage to avoid it becoming too crowded with the player on there as well, but I imagine that many people will be reading this blog or following me on Twitter by now, which are much faster moving.

I do not mind playing with code, and, for all its anachronisms, have built my website myself from the ground up.  I seem to be finding a fair amount of time for work at the moment, so there are probably some other pages of my site which could do with updating, but that is for another day.  For the rest of the week I plan to get back to the business of writing, hopeful that it may lead to more audio clips to upload.